Charters and Policies

The corporate governance practices adopted by the Company meet the requirements of the New Zealand Exchange’s Corporate Governance Code. The Board of Directors is committed to maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance. You can find a copy of the Company's Consitution here: Skellerup Constitution

The Board is currently comprised of five non-executive, independent Directors and one executive Director. Non-executive directors are selected to ensure that a broad range of skills and experience are available. One of the non-executive directors is appointed as Chair.

Board procedures ensure that all Directors have the information needed to effectively carry out their duties. Senior managers make direct presentations to the Board on a regular basis to give the Directors a broad understanding of management plans and capabilities.

Skellerup's Board and Committee Charters and Key Group Policies are available here: Board and Committee Charters and Group Policies

Board Committees

Director Board       Audit         Health & Safety Remuneration   Nomination  
Liz Coutts Independent Chair Chair Chair
David Cushing Independent Director
Alan Isaac Independent Director Chair  
Paul Shearer Independent Director    
John Strowger Independent Director Chair    
David Mair Executive Director      
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